Marie-Pierre Cederman, Real Estate Broker/Consultant

Cederman PropertiesMarie-Pierre was born in the North of France and grew up in The Loire Vallee. She has traveled throughout Europe, the U.S.A and South America. She lived in England and Bermuda. She and her husband, Eric, fell in love with the Tampa Bay area in 1990 and have called it their home ever since. She became a naturalized US Citizen in 2000.

Marie is a full-time, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Consultant since 1998. She and her husband, Eric Cederman partnered in 2000 to manage Cederman Properties Inc.

To her services and expertise, Marie brings over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry.

Marie-Pierre is an accomplished artist whose imaginative style is fueled by a passion for self-expression through art. Her style and technique is innovative mixing several mediums which resonates with her clients. She is also an amazing faux-art designer transforming old pieces or family treasures that blend with with any décor period. She has mastered oil on canvas, watercolor, pastels, and crayon. You can visit her art site at:

She enjoys swimming, Yoga and is a brown belt in Karate. She taught French for 17 years and paints art in her spare time. Marie is slightly tenacious and keeps moving forward which she feels is the key to her success.

Her belief: “A person who pursues to the end is a winner.”

How to reach Marie-Pierre Cederman- 
Cell: 727-692-7318 – Email:
Transnational Referral Certified Agent
Pinellas International Council Member

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