Paulina Vasilakos, Real Estate Agent

PaulinaPaulina was born and raised in Athens Greece. Though Athenian by nurture, she takes great pride in her 100 percent Spartan bloodlines. When she was a child, she lived with her family for three years in Manhattan, NY. After finishing high school in Athens, she moved for college to San Diego, CA. She attended UC San Diego, and San Diego State University, earning a BS degree In Management, with an AA in Mechanical Engineering.

She moved to Tarpon Springs, FL in 1998, fell in love with the strong sense of community, and settled to raise her children. She is the single mother of four children, who she considers her greatest achievement in life. She joined Cederman Properties in 2002, and loves the togetherness and support, that is so integral to it’s culture.

She is a strong believer in the reciprocity of the Universe. “If you put out good things, the Universe will return them tenfold”

How to reach Paulina Vasilakos- 
Cell: 727-452-5937 – Email:

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